Why Organic?

What is Organic Farming?

Organic farming is founded with envrionmental responsibility.
A farmer can only promote one's products on a farmers market if only one can feed their child with that product and consume the product himself/herself with inner peace. The pesticide (chemical residue) analysis test results higher than 0% pesticide are not acceptable for organic products in Turkey to be certified. Today, there are many different fertilizers which help to increase the amount of harvest by nearly 50%. However; an organic farmer is never allowed to use these fertilizers and voluntarily gives up from the possible extra 50% of the harvest.  
Moreover, every year organic farmers like us, realize a new epidemic disease on their trees. Even though, there are many chemical pesticides that can be used to prevent these epidemic diseases on trees, an organic farmer voluntarily uses biological treatments to cure their trees. Most of the time, using biological treatments to cure the trees, means giving up on the current year’s harvest. 
Although the price of organic products are higher than the non organic products, in reality this does not comensate totally with the renounced harvest. Since the organic farmer can’t market her/his product 50% or more expensive, we will conclude our words with the same motto as we started. 
Organic farming is founded with envrionmental responsibility.

How to Distinguish Organic Products?

Every week, most of us go on grocery shopping a couple of times. All of us are trying to find the most healthy products for ourselves and our families on the market shelves where we see many products labeled as ‘Natural’, ‘All Natural’, ‘Fresh from the Garden’, ‘Certified Organic’,’%0 Additive’, ‘Ecologic’’, ‘Biologic’. 
Actually, The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry have a clear definition on this issue. It is enough to see the logo on the left side stamped on the products label to distinguish a product as organic. 
This logo can be stamped only by the organizations that own the organic certification. Also, the use of this logo by a non-certified organization has heavy law enforcements. 

How to Get Organic Certification?

A farmer who wants to get organic certification applies to an independent reputable organic certifying agency. After the application, the farmer gets permission from the organic certifying agent for each and every fertilizer and biological pesticide implemented on the field for the upcoming four years. At the end of the four year period, if the field is fulfilling the organic conditions, the organic certifying agent confirms the qualification for the organic certification given by The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. 
The organic certification given by the Ministry is valid only for the products on the tree branches. The product should also be harvested and stocked according to the organic farming legislation. For example, an organic product cannot be stocked on the same storehouse with a non-organic product.   
To sum up, if one sees the preceding logo on the product, they can make sure that the product was harvested, cut, cropped, classified, packaged, labeled, maintained, stocked, transported and met its customers through fulfilling all the organic farming conditions. 

Is a Non-Organic Product Really Harmful?

According to World Health Organization, millions of people are poisoned due to chemical pesticide usage. Every year, 20-thousand people, most of whom are the people that work in the agricultural sector, pass away due to wrong implementation of agricultural pesticide. 
The chemicals that are implemented on the fields are piled up in our bodies. The collected chemicals cause cancer, infertility, hormonal disorders, immune system disorders, neural system disorders, allergies, asthma and many more health problems.